Royal Canin & Purina prescription foods:

Because they have long-standing reputations for excellent quality control and production standards, we carry foods from these two companies.  They have very high taste standards and make food that cats like to eat!  There are a few other less common diets from these companies that we don’t normally stock but we can usually get them in a week or so upon request.  We do not carry the Science Diet or other food brands here at the clinic, but can write prescriptions for those when needed.

Royal Canin:


Royal Canin food shelves


The right diet can be a powerful tool. At Royal Canin, our expert nutritionists and vets create great-tasting prescription diets to help your vet treat a wide range of health challenges. From skin health on the outside to urinary and GI tract health on the inside, we have balanced foods to meet your cat’s nutritional needs and the flavors to ensure they’re happy to eat them.

Royal Canin’s animal first ideal drives the science-based approach that puts the cat and dog at the heart of all our food-making efforts. The ingredients used are always chosen to optimize the nutritional content of the food, and the quality and selection of these nutrients is a critical component of the overall process.

This same ideals extend to our by-prescription-only formulas. Because we know that a therapeutic diet can make a difference in the life of a dog or cat, we’ve applied our science-based research to develop a line of Veterinary-Exclusive products.

We stock these Royal Canin foods:

  • S/O regular, moderate calorie, olfactory… urinary tract diets for stone/crystal control
  • Satiety diets… weight management
  • Renal LP in pork… kidney disease diet
  • Recovery… high calorie for recovering patients
  • Rabbit & venison  hypoallergenic diets, also HP: hydrolyzed protein … food allergies
  • Calm… natural nutrition-based anxiety diet
  • Kitten.. high calorie growth diet
  • Multi-function diets:  urinary + another medical condition food, several varieties



Purina food shelf

Pro Plan Veterinary Diets dog and cat foods deliver good food with a purpose. Because they are available only from your vet, they play an important role in helping dogs and cats with certain health conditions via diet. Each formula has been made with specific nutrients to support pets with health issues. If you think your pet could benefit from specialized food, talk to your vet to learn about which is best.

We start by imagining a world where pets thrive longer and even the toughest health issues can be managed through nutrition. Driven by this vision and a passion for pets, we apply our expertise in pet nutrition, physiology and behavior to make new discoveries and push limits, creating real food solutions that make a huge difference. Our job is to imagine the impossible and unleash the power of food to help all pets live better, longer lives.

This ideal impacts the decisions we make and the beliefs that guide us each and every day. These beliefs are:

  • Excellent nutrition should be available to all dogs and cats.
  • Nutrition starts with understanding nutrients, not just ingredients.
  • Always focusing on the pet’s food needs, safety and well-being, we pursue new ideas relentlessly.
  • Food should be enjoyable, all the while delivering the best nutrition.
  • Food needs of pets are unique (e.g. dogs aren’t the same as cats, today’s pets are different from their ancestors and pets are different from humans.)

We stock these Purina diets:

  • DM… diabetes diet
  • UR… urinary tract diet
  • HA… food allergies
  • EN… sensitive stomach, easy to digest

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